The barley gene family database (BGFD) is a database that collects 77 predicted barley gene families comprising of 5,593 genes. BGFD integrates multi-omics datasets designed to represent comprehensive annotations, including basic information, gene structure and conserved motif analysis, syntenic analysis, phylogenetic relationships, expression patterns and genetic variation of barley genes, and related publications.

—— Gene Families ——



As highly conserved, dimeric, small acidic proteins, the 14-3-3 proteins existing in all investigated eukaryotic species. The 14-3-3 genes were first isolated from bovine brain, which were named on the strength of fraction number in DEAE-cellulose chromatography and migration position after starch gel electrophoresis.

Transcription Factor Families



Alfin-like (AL) transcription factors family, a small plant-specific gene family, are involved in root growth and abiotic stress response. The Alfin-like factors family has been identified for the first time in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) as a 7S storage protein.

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Li Tingting, Bian Jianxin, Tang Minqiang, Shangguan Hongbin, Zeng Yan, Luo Ruihan, Sun Huifan, Ke Qinglin, Nie Xiaojun, Li Yihan, and Cui Licao. (2022) BGFD: an integrated multi-omics database of barley gene families. BMC Plant Biology 22: 454.